Is an Energy Recovery Ventilator Right for You?

Is an Energy Recovery Ventilator right for you? Rising energy costs and increasing focus on efficiency mean that the heating and cooling systems of yesteryear are becoming antiquated.  Now, energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are commonly recognized as the more efficient, cost-saving method for heating, cooling, and overall improved air quality.  They’re the go-to system for those building energy efficient homes and buildings.  But you may have some questions:

What is an ERV and how does it work?

In an airtight building, the ERV brings in precise amounts of outdoor air while exhausting the indoor stale air. Energy is transferred between the two air streams, resulting in heat staying inside during the winter, and out during the summer.  Fan-powered exhaust is balanced with the fan-powered supply airflow. Moisture is also transferred and balanced in the process, keeping humidity levels comfortable.

What are the benefits of an ERV?

Users of ERVs can typically scale down their heating and cooling equipment to much smaller, more efficient systems, saving energy and money. Some units can increase the heat transfer efficiency to 90%.  Comfort levels are easily maintained, and a small initial investment yields huge savings over the lifetime of the system.

When should I install an ERV?

Many people wait until their current HVAC system is failing before considering a new option.  However, this can lead to delays and periods during which your home/building is left without heat or air conditioning. Furthermore, in an emergency situation, the ideal ERV for your needs might not be available. Therefore you should plan ahead, and have your ERV installed before there is a problem.

In the end, when you choose to install an ERV, the energy savings—which you will soon see affecting your bottom line—and the increased comfort will make it very clear you made the right decision.

Continental Fan is a major supplier of OEM fans and related components to manufacturers of ERVs and other HVAC appliances.

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