MR. Matthew Magee – Applications Engineer

Mr. Victor B. Afanasiev, President of Continental Fan, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Matthew Magee to the position of Applications Engineer. “Matthew brings with him a keen mind, sound technical knowledge and a genuine desire to deliver Continental Fan’s superior products to its customers. His positive attitude and commitment to serve our

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Mr. James Peck – WPD Sales Representative

Mr. Jud Alexander, Executive Vice President of Continental Fan, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. James Peck to the position of US Sales Representative for the company’s Wholesale Products Division. “We believe James’s sales and marketing experiences coupled with his high level of commitment will lead to positive growth in the wholesale distribution

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2018 AHR Expo – World’s Largest HVAC Marketplace

2018 AHR Expo – World’s Largest HVAC Marketplace will be held January 22-24, 2018 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. We are pleased to announce that Continental Fan will be exhibiting. At this year’s International Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigerating Expo, we will showcase our newest products and latest energy efficient technologies: EC Fan Array 

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EC Fan Array

An EC Fan Array is designed to move large volumes of air at medium to high pressures, and provides a sensible, cost-saving alternative to using a large, single fan system. Not only does the parallel action of the multiple fans in an EC Fan Array achieve the performance of a conventional large single AC fan,

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How to Choose the Right Bathroom Ventilation

When it comes to choosing the right duct, people often ask, “What is the best duct for bathroom ventilation?” While there isn’t necessarily one absolute right choice, many times the best option is the flexible insulated duct. The flexible insulated duct is recommended for this application to minimize condensation in bathrooms (or other warm and

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Corrosion-Resistant Fiberglass Fans

Let’s Talk Fiberglass Fans! When it comes to industrial ventilation, it may seem that there are a lot of choices, making it hard to know which is best. Corrosion-resistant fiberglass fans are well recognized for their proven success in handling a variety of applications, most notably in chemical processing and waste water treatment facilities. All

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Thermal Destratification

Is it a challenge to heat or cool your warehouse, distribution center, athletic facility, or any other building with high ceilings? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. High ceilings in large facilities can put a strain on the best HVAC system, and they can present a challenge to produce a truly comfortable environment.

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General Ventilation: How much airflow do we need to ventilate?

How much airflow do we need to ventilate? Airflow for general ventilation can be calculated by: Area method Air change method Occupancy method Heat removal method Area Method Derives the ventilation rate from the area of the space (in square feet) to be ventilated multiplied by the ventilation rate per square foot. Example:  For residential

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Ms. Jennifer Heerschap – National Sales Manager

Mr. Jud Alexander, Executive Vice President of Continental Fan, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Jennifer Heerschap to the position of National Sales Manager – WPD Fan Division (Wholesale Products) for Canada. Ms. Heerschap joined Continental Fan in 2001. Due to her ever-increasing responsibilities within the corporation, she has gained a comprehensive understanding of

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Why STEM Matters to Every American

Today’s manufacturing industry paints a very different picture than it did 50 years ago, and just as different as even ten years ago. Earlier in the century, it was an industry whose jobs were of course important, but often repetitive and low-skill. Ten years ago, the industry’s jobs were being taken over by cheaper, overseas

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