Thermal Destratification

Is it a challenge to heat or cool your warehouse, distribution center, athletic facility, or any other building with high ceilings? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. High ceilings in large facilities can put a strain on the best HVAC system, and they can present a challenge to produce a truly comfortable environment.

Are you aware that a building’s temperature will increase, on average, between 0.5 and 1 degree F for each elevated foot that the heat rises. So if a ceiling is 20 feet high, there can be a 10 to 20 degree variance in temperature from the floor to the ceiling. During the heating season, warm heated air naturally rises to the ceiling posing a challenge for any building with high ceilings. During the cooling season, cold air-conditioned air is often exiting through diffusers located at ceiling level. This air is met with resistance by the hot air rising from the floor level, forcing air-conditioning units to work harder, ultimately wasting energy trying to keep up with the cooling demand.

Wow, that sounds like a puzzling challenge!

But there is a solution to this thermal conundrum, and all it takes is a little thermal destratification. Thermal destratification is a way of mixing the air and reducing hot and cold spots between the floor and the ceiling.

The simplest way to achieve thermal destratification is to install destratification fans. These fans are designed to recycle the air in your HVAC system. By their very nature of equalizing the temperature in both industrial and commercial facilities, destratification fans provide exceptional occupant comfort while lowering heating and cooling costs. Destratification fans are arguably the least expensive and best energy-saving HVAC product that can be installed in buildings today. In many cases, businesses see an immediate reduction in utility bills.

Consider our newest destratification fan, the CMX High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) Fan. When a CMX Fan is integrated with an HVAC system, the net result is energy savings and CO2 emission reduction. Learn more about the CMX HVLS Fans 

Thermal Destratification Applications

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