What is the best duct for bathroom ventilation?

best duct for bathroom ventilation

When it comes to choosing the right duct, people often ask, “What is the best duct for bathroom ventilation?” While there isn’t necessarily one absolute right choice, many times the best option is the flexible insulated duct.

The flexible insulated duct is recommended for this application to minimize condensation in bathrooms (or other warm and moist areas), and can also be helpful in reducing fan noise. It can be used in a variety of low to high-pressure applications, and is available in varying diameters and multiple lengths, with either plain ends or special end fittings. Duct diameters are normally made slightly oversized to fit over standard fittings.

Another common question is, “Can flexible air ducts or flexible air connectors be used for bathroom/shower exhaust fans?” In many cases, Class 1 air ducts and air connectors may be used to connect to bathroom or shower exhaust fans, but the installer must first check code limitations as well as the manufacturer’s limitations. For longer runs, an insulated air duct can be helpful in keeping moisture from condensing inside the duct and preventing water from collecting in low spots, which could ultimately damage the duct.

Finally, as an energy efficient, low cost and maintenance-free piece of equipment, a flexible air duct is an investment that will last a long time and pay off immediately.

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