Celebrating Customer Service: In October and Beyond

Did you know that October 7-11 was Customer Service Week? That’s right, an entire week officially dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of customer service, motivating employees, rewarding workers, and reminding customers how important they are to you.  A great concept, indeed!

Customer Service Week might have come and gone, but we believe it doesn’t end there. Rather than it being just one week during which to focus on and improve service, it is a reminder of the importance of doing it all the time. Just as Mother’s Day isn’t the only day to treat your mother well, Customer Service Week can and should extend throughout the other 51 weeks of the year.

We take customer service very seriously at Continental Fan.  In fact, our team is known for going above and beyond to help our customers. There are countless examples of this, but here is just one, from one of our caring customer service members:

“I remember one call in particular; it was an elderly woman who required replacement filters for her air purification unit, so I referred her to some local distributors. However, she did not have a car and would not be able to purchase from them. She was feeling very overwhelmed, as her husband had recently passed away and he had always taken care of these things. I informed her that we had an online distributor she could use, and the filters would be delivered right to her home, but she would not order anything online.

“I was stuck; I wanted to help this woman, but how? Then I had an idea: what if I was able to get one of our online distributors to call her and take her order from her. He was more than happy to help, but she then informed me that she does not answer the phone unless she knows the phone number.

I contacted him again, asked if he could provide me with the number he would be calling from, and asked what time he would be able to call her so she wouldn’t miss the call.

“The rest is history. It took a little longer and required a little more work than it typically would.  However, in the end we were able to get her exactly what she needed, and that’s what matters.

The woman was so grateful, and I must say it felt really good knowing that we were able to help her.”

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