EC Fan Array

An EC Fan Array is designed to move large volumes of air at medium to high pressures, and provides a sensible, cost-saving alternative to using a large, single fan system. Not only does the parallel action of the multiple fans in an EC Fan Array achieve the performance of a conventional large single AC fan, but the electrically commutated (EC) motorized impellers used in Continental Fan’s EC Fan Arrays can easily respond and adjust to HVAC system fluctuations, in order to maintain constant pressure or constant airflow.EC Fan Array


• Air Handlers
• Load Banks
• Cabinet Cooling
• Retrofit Projects


More air is moved at less power consumption. The cfm/Watt of Continental Fan’s EC motorized impellers is significantly higher than that of traditional AC fans.

Ease of Installation
The design of an EC Fan Array allows for easy access and simple maintenance. If a fan should ever fail, it can be easily removed without the need for heavy equipment, and quickly replaced with a fan that is normally available from stock.

The inherent construction of an EC Fan Array allows for redundancy to be built into a ventilation system. When designed correctly, an EC Fan Array will still achieve the intended performance, even if a fan should fail.

EC Fan Array Design

Continental Fan is a leading supplier of electronically commutated (EC) fans. Working closely with our customers, we simplify the design process by providing custom 3D models for EC Fan Array applications.

EC Fan Features
• High efficiency: ErP qualified at 50Hz
• EC external rotor motor
• Dual frequency motor (50Hz & 60Hz)
• 1-10VDC or PWM motor control

Choose from the following EC Fan Models:

• High strength GRP impellers
• Permissible ambient temperature range: -4 F to 104 F
• Capacities to 8,095 cfm

• Aluminum impellers
• Permissible ambient temperature range: -4 F to 104 F
• Capacities to 8,050 cfm

• Compact GRP, or galvanized steel impellers
• Permissible ambient temperature range: -13 F to 140 F
• Capacities to 1,139 cfm


Did you know?

  • The volume of air moved by an EC Fan Array is the product of the number of fans multiplied by the performance of a single fan.
  • There is no need to install partitions between fans if they are sufficiently spaced apart. This will reduce the overall cost and improve accessibility, while eliminating friction loss due to partitions.
  • Smaller fans used in an EC Fan Array produce less low frequency noise than a single, large fan, making it easier to attenuate.
  • Using a simple feedback transducer and setting the threshold to the desired set point, an EC Fan Array can supply constant pressure and airflow. Fans will automatically adjust speed to the environmental conditions.


Whether you need a complete EC Fan Array fabricated or just the fan components, contact Continental Fan for your custom application. From design, to prototype, to production, we look forward to working with you every step along the way, and providing you with  … better AIRFLOW by DESIGN!

For additional details, view our EC Fan Array Application Guide.


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