WHAT IS POLLUTING THE AIR IN YOUR HOME OR WORKPLACE? Have you ever taken a deep breath while visiting an ocean or mountain? Our lungs appreciate the clean, unpolluted air that these natural settings offer. Now, have you ever taken that same type of deep breath when you enter your home or workplace? It is

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What is an Electronically Commutated EC Motor?

What is an Electronically Commutated EC Motor?  An electronically commutated (EC) motor is designed to run on an alternating current (AC) power supply, but it in fact bears a closer resemblance to a direct current (DC) motor. It is essentially a permanent magnet, brushless DC motor that incorporates on-board electronics. The added electronics allow an

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IRIS Dampers – Technical Article

Dampers are commonly used in HVAC applications to regulate airflow within a duct or other air-handling equipment. Applications, efficiencies, power consumption, maintenance costs, and their effect on airflow vary widely. Conventional dampers typically comprise a valve, blade or plate in a frame. They are available in various types, shapes and sizes, ranging from small round

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Destratification Fan Application Guide

What is a Destratification Fan? A destratification fan is a ventilation device, typically suspended from the ceiling of a commercial or industrial building. Two main purposes of this fan are to achieve energy savings and provide a more comfortable environment for occupants in a building. This is done by circulating air from the ceiling to

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What is a Motorized Impeller?

A motorized impeller comprises a fan impeller that is fixed to the rotor of an external rotor motor, eliminating the need for an output shaft and resulting in lower bearing loads and vibration-free operation. Since the motor and impeller are located directly in the air stream, the impeller also acts as a rotating heat sink,

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Fan Basics: What is a Fan?

For a quick refresher on fan fundamentals, download a PDF copy of our Fan Basics: What is a Fan?; Fan Impeller; Fan Terminology; Fan Laws; Fan Ratings; Selecting a Fan; Airflow Rate; Static Pressure; Fan Curves; Which Fan to Choose?______________________________________________________________________________________ FAN BASICS: WHAT IS A FAN?   A fan is a power-driven machine used to

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